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  “Responsibilities & Concerns” is a global event initiated by chemical companies focused on improving safety management of chemical products in their overall production cycles, and contributing to higher life quality and sustainable development.

  As a signer for Global Charter for Responsibilities and Concerns, China XD is actively promoting corporate and social responsibilities activities, and is dedicated to:

Establishing a responsible management culture: Support chemicals safety management with global corporate and social responsibilities projects

Protecting human health and the environment: Continuously upgrade environmental, health, and safety performance; and technical equipment and production processes safety; advance improved chemical safety and monitoring in the overall supply chain

Strengthening the chemical management system: Participate in enacting and executing safety procedures and practices around chemical products as regards to risk management and use best applications of science

Encouraging business partners: Inspire them to advance chemicals safety management in business

Engage with all associated parties: Understand associated parties’ issues, respond to their concerns and expectations of operations and production safety, and conduct open communications on EHS performance and products

Contributing to sustainable development: Improve EHS performance, explore more economic opportunities, and develop innovative technologies and solutions in the face of challenges
  The company set up the strategy of sustainable development, which can use bio based polymer materials to replace petroleum based polymer materials gradually. The company has put a lot of scientific research personnel and funds to have the research and development on PLA, PHA, PBS, bio-based nylon, natural fiber composite materials, and gradually realized the natural material used for nature. The whole process of material life cycle shall achieve low carbon, environmental protection and reduce the pressure on the environment, to practice the social responsibility of enterprise.