2016/07/08Tatsu Tatsu 300 thousand tons of polymer composite production research and development projects, Nanchong put into operationSource: 本站

Tatsu Tatsu 300 thousand tons of polymer composite production research and development projects, Nanchong put into operation


The morning of July 7th 10, Ying Hua Industrial Zone Nanchong North train station near, Asia's top high quality modified plastic materials production base, Sichuan Province in 2016 100 provincial key project of Nanchong City, one of the major investment projects -- "Xinda 300 thousand tons of macromolecule compound material production research and development project" officially put into operation. From industry associations, customers and international well-known domestic enterprises well-known customers injection molding company suppliers, OEMs, financial institutions, scientific research institutes, universities and other units of domestic and foreign guests and the media on behalf of more than 700 people, together with the Nanchong city government leaders, witnessed the Nanchong city business investment field is another major achievement.

At the ceremony, Sichuan Xinda group relevant responsible person said: from April 2015 to begin production of civil engineering is now completed, Xinda 300 thousand tons of polymer composite material production research and development project "in only three months a year, the industry created a miracle Xinda speed.

It is understood that the Sichuan Xinda project by Xinda group investment and construction, covers an area of 470 acres, production, R & D and supporting projects in the integration, supporting research and development center and other ancillary facilities construction of 7 large standard steel structure workshop with national level enterprise technology center, the introduction of the construction of world-class automatic production line 70, in line 5, R & D and testing equipment more than 300 sets. The products are widely used in automobiles, ships, aircraft, high-speed rail, increasing material manufacturing, food packaging, electronic and electrical, medical equipment and personal consumer goods and other high-end areas, for the petrochemical enterprises in Sichuan province to expand high-quality raw materials market, Sichuan integrated refining, petrochemical industry integration, and is conducive to the growth of Nanchong petrochemical the automobile industry and supporting industries, promote the optimization and upgrading, accelerate the process of new industrialization, Nanchong to form a new economic growth point of composite materials in the field of industrial structure.

In the "Xin 300 thousand tons of polymer composite material production and R & D projects put into operation after the ceremony, the guests also visited the Xinda factory, full of praise for Xinda R & D strength and technology, and the economic and social effects of the project after production has full of expectation.