2016/06/30Up: Xinda group awarded the AAA grade credit enterprise honorary titleSource: 本站

Up: Xinda group awarded the AAA grade credit enterprise honorary title


Recently, Xinda group was awarded the "China Plastics processing industry (AAA level) credit evaluation enterprise" certificate issued by China International E-commerce center. R & D, production and sales of Xinda group has been committed to high-end polymer materials, products are widely used in Audi, BMW, Volkswagen and other ninety models of interior, exterior and functional parts.

It is reported that China credit rating is the audit assessment of the Ministry of Commerce China, insist on an independent, impartial and objective principle, not for profit, voluntary reporting by enterprises, review mechanism according to the strict enterprise credit evaluation standards, performance process evaluation standard, multi index evaluation of the reporting enterprise results in the national industry the credit of public service platform for publicity. AAA class is the highest level of credit, which is both a good credit image of the company's affirmation, but also a strong proof of the company's ability to perform. The assessment of Xinda group will include enterprise comprehensive ability condition, enterprise management ability of enterprise management ability and social credit records, performance status and many other indicators, and the indicators are outstanding, the final decision to grant Xinda group "Chinese plastic processing industry (AAA) enterprise credit evaluation certificate".

The social credit system is an important part of the socialist market economic system and social system of governance, Xinda group as service agencies to focus on product development and production of polymer composite materials, we will be in the "perfect kenxinda Dexin world" business philosophy and the "strive to become the industry benchmark for society, customers create more value the goal of promotion, more prominent to show a very social responsibility of the enterprise credit value.