2016/06/12ICBC to China Xinda credit 3 billion yuan, help domestic new material leader enterprise globalization developmentSource: local

ICBC to China Xinda credit 3 billion yuan, help domestic new material leader enterprise globalization development


Yesterday, the industrial and Commercial Bank of China branch of Heilongjiang Province and Chinese Xinda signed bank enterprise cooperation agreement in Harbin, ICBC for Chinese Xinda International Mergers and acquisitions, international procurement and sales operations, international technology and integration of resources and other business needs to provide financial support, and focuses on the bank financing services for China Xinda and its member units the total amount of 3 billion yuan of credit support, support China Xinda this conforms to the national The Belt and Road "," China manufacturing 2025 "policy of high-tech enterprises, fast to enhance the international competitiveness of enterprises.

According to reports, ICBC has always been adhering to the principle of serving domestic leading enterprises, pioneering and innovative ways of cooperation between banks and enterprises, and support the strategic structural adjustment of local innovative key enterprises. ICBC Heilongjiang branch will be closely related to the pulse of economic development in Heilongjiang, to revitalize the northeast old industrial base, and promote the development of the real economy in Heilongjiang province to make a positive contribution.
Chinese Xinda plastic new materials enterprises listed on the Nasdaq, the company is headquartered in New York, the Xinda Holdings (Hongkong) Co. Ltd. was established in New York, Dubai, the control of Hongkong, Beijing, Shanghai, Heilongjiang and Sichuan, more than 10 independent operating subsidiaries, has a professional R & D and rich technical experience, diversification of high margin products combination. The future, China Xinda will be included in the national "The Belt and Road", the provincial government is encouraged to go out the good policy environment, industrial and commercial bank with strong financial support and support a full range of financial services, the rapid completion of the layout of the international market in North America, the middle East, the European industry, ultimately achieve the goal of globalization.