2016/08/11Deep tillage polymer industry Tatsu thirty-one, carry forward the futureSource: 本站

Deep tillage polymer industry Tatsu thirty-one, carry forward the future


In August 7, 2016, Xinda group company ushered in the thirty-first year in the polymer industry, for the first time in the form of headquarters in Beijing, Heilongjiang base and Sichuan base and Dubai base four multinational across time zones live video of the celebration, and the continuation of years of traditional organized "employees concentric Festival" activities, from New York, Hongkong, Beijing, Shanghai Sichuan, Heilongjiang, more than 10 independent operating subsidiaries of nearly 2000 middle-level staff gathered together to celebrate the joy of the moment. Thirty-one years of fruitful, Xinda adhering to the spirit of innovation, to "flat world" business philosophy, temper forward and rapid development. Today, Xinda has formed headquarters in Beijing, Hongkong and the United States headquarters company coordination, the three operating base and Shanghai global R & D center centralized control of the international group company pattern.

Since the German will "industrial" rise for the national strategy since, with integration of information technology and manufacturing technology of the depth of the main features of the new round of industrial revolution sweeping the globe, Chinese as a manufacturing power, to seize this opportunity, Premier Li Keqiang stressed the need to implement the "made in China 2025". Increase in material manufacturing technology belongs to the advanced manufacturing and material change, is a strategic focus on the development of the developed countries, will become the key to "third industrial revolution" and "Chinese 2025" entry point and the point of growth, is China's traditional manufacturing transformation and upgrading and the development of high-end manufacturing opportunity.

The national "13th Five-Year plan" in the "The Belt and Road" strategy and "public entrepreneurship, innovation" and "further promote the Chinese manufacturing of Dongfeng 2025" policy, is an important opportunity for the development of a Xinda group. Xin Cheng group in the next five years planning, will continue to increase the research and development of materials manufacturing products, in Shanghai to establish a global R & D center, is responsible for core products and innovative product research and development and results conversion. The R & D base of the three large production bases will be responsible for the development and expansion of product lines.

By 2020, Xinda group will diversify into a wide range of products with high technology and new performance. The traditional petroleum based materials will be gradually refined into five specific types: petroleum based materials of high performance, lightweight, bio based materials, the scale of the industry, the increase in material manufacturing materials and application of memory smart materials by integrating the supply chain, the future will form a car based, high iron, ships and planes three high-end complementary, medical equipment, medical supplies, food packaging, additive manufacturing, biodegradable and electrical and electronic fields to supplement the product application pattern. The market covers the northeast, north, East, southwest and central Southern China, such as the six core economic zone in the domestic market; overseas Xinda production base in Dubai, the Middle East, Russia and the European Union covering the euro area; the United States Xinda overseas, to achieve coverage in North America, Latin America and other dollar regional market.