2016/09/21The leading group of modified plastics, Xinda group, presents future development ambitionsSource: 本站

The leading group of modified plastics, Xinda group, presents future development ambitions


In September 18, 2016, Shanghai - the seventh China International Petrochemical Conference (CPCIC 2016) was held in Shanghai on September 12th -14. In this year the highest standard in the field of petroleum and chemical industry conference, China modified plastics industry leader Xinda group to participate in this conference meeting high standard platinum partner, Xinda group general manager Ma Qingwei and relevant departments responsible for the business people attended the meeting, held in large series of forums during elaborated the recent achievements in the development, and explains the future development of a series of strategic. The 31 year old plastic manufacturing giant has shown its ambitious future ambitions with a series of moves.

Xinda group participates in the seventh China International Petrochemical Conference (Mr. Ma Qingwei, general manager of Xin He Group)

In this vision of the future, relying on technology to promote growth is still the company's very strong development strategy. "We are preparing the wildly beating gongs and drums global R & D center is located in Shanghai, is expected to soon and we officially released the news," Xinda group general manager Mr. Ma Qingwei spoke at the meeting said, "the site in Shanghai is because the Chinese high-tech talent here plastic polymerization advantage, at the same time, there are a large number of excellent peers enterprises in the East China region to compete here, the formation of an effective technical communication ecosystem. Xin Tatsu's business philosophy is called "technology flat world", we will continue to invest in high-performance materials research and development, innovation to enhance our customer value."

Xinda group in the general assembly also further elaborated the company's 2020 development vision, hoping to expand the group business into 2020 with a high technology and new performance of a diversified product line. "For the future development of the road we think a lot, but it's clear, also designed the specific path of development," Xinda group general manager Mr. Ma Qingwei explained, "we have gradually refined the traditional petroleum based materials into five specific types: high performance, lightweight oil based material, scale the bio based materials, industrial additive manufacturing materials and applications of intelligent memory materials. The future will be through the integration of the supply chain, the formation of a car based, high-speed rail, ship, aircraft three high-end subsidiary, medical equipment, medical supplies, food packaging, additive manufacturing, biodegradable and electrical and electronic fields to supplement the product application pattern. The coverage planning in the market, China Xinda covering the northeast, north, East, southwest and central Southern China, such as the six core economic zone in the domestic market; Xinda Dubai covering the Middle East and Russia and the European Union in the euro area; the United States Xinda coverage in North America, Latin America and other dollar regional market."
It is understood that the Xinda group is developing rapidly in recent years, have access to "12th Five-Year" Chinese petroleum and chemical industry innovation demonstration enterprises, "12th Five-Year" China petroleum and chemical enterprises, the most innovative China chemical enterprises, top 100 listed companies Chinese chemical 500 strong honor, Xinda in the domestic production base two also obtained good achievements and the newly built Sichuan Xinda shortly before entering the 2016 year of Sichuan province enterprise group 100 manufacturing training list, and its production base in Heilongjiang Heilongjiang Xin also won the local enterprises honor.