2015/07/16PS thermoplastic materials are popular in the field of building materialsSource:

PS thermoplastic materials are popular in the field of building materials


PS is a versatile thermoplastic. In addition to being used as food packaging materials for the manufacture of various frozen and dairy containers, PS plastic sheets also have a wide range of applications in the fields of daily necessities, building materials and building materials. Since the European implementation of new standards for building materials, PS as insulation insulation materials have been sought after market.

A well-known market consulting firm Applied Market Information (hereinafter referred to as AMI) recently published reports, in recent years the global sheet extrusion industry is developing rapidly, the average plastic consumption was 4 million tons.

In the species category, PET has overtaken traditional PVC and PS resins, making it the fastest growing material for extrusion, according to the research institute. However, as far as consumption is concerned, PS is still the most widely used material in current extrusion sheets.

According to AMI's latest data, 735 of the 304 sheets of extrusion sheeting produced by the company were made from PS, and 145 companies chose to use PET materials. Overall, the market's annual demand for PS plastic sheets is about 1000000 tons.