2015/07/17The world's first composite all 3D printing office building will be built in DubaiSource:

The world's first composite all 3D printing office building will be built in Dubai


Arabia United Arab Emirates national innovation center, before the news release, will launch in Dubai the world's first 3D printing office building construction project. The external and internal wall, including furniture will use 3D printing manufacturing. Local officials in Dubai say the office will be the first case where 3D printing technology has been put on such a massive scale.

The project will be implemented by WinSun Global company, which has practical experience in 3D print apartment building. The apartment building was built in China in 2014. Also involved in the project are the leading Gensler, Thornton, Thomasetti and Syska Hennessy companies.

The building is only one floor, covering an area of 2000 square feet, and the print device is a 20 foot 3D printer. Raw materials are made of fiber composite material, glass fiber reinforced gypsum, special fiber reinforced concrete and so on. The project team believes that 3D printing can save 50-70% hours and 50-80% labor costs.

"3D printing technology is a long-term human dream, but now it has become a reality." "The office will become a central inspector of 3D printing technology and change the future of human construction," said Mohammedal-Gergawi, President of the UAE cabinet and the national innovation council. UAE is willing to become the global technology center of 3D printing technology."

Allegedly, the office will be put into operation as soon as possible, as a $136 million future museum project headquarters, and is expected to be officially opened in 2017.